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Media & Mentoring

Media and mentoring are at the core of what we do. We provide opportunities for youth to train and to be mentored on industry standard equipment with industry professionals.

Music Production

For the last 4 years, Valor Mentoring has used our production studio to mentor and train youth in music and audio production. Our facility is capable of recording music of any size from singers/songwriters to full bands.

Create Content With Valor

This isn't just a video. This is an opportunity.

Working with valor to create your next brand video doesn’t just mean high production value, it means high community value. Our production team not only creates top-tier content, but they also create opportunities to mentor youth…and it’s because of you.

When you partner with valor to create video content, we utilize your project to mentor and train youth in all stages of video production…all without sacrificing the quality of work.

Why Media Arts?

We saw a need and an opportunity. A need for media production and an opportunity to use that for mentoring.

Through our connections with local businesses and non-profit organizations, we are able to serve the needs of the business community while providing youth access to equipment, clients, and industry professionals they would not have had without our programs.

But still, why media? Media is hands-on and immersive…just like mentoring. To learn media arts disciplines properly requires time and investment, we believe that is parallel to mentoring. Where many media programs may focus solely on media skills, we take a holistic approach, focusing on life skills: building confidence and self-esteem. These are the skills required to build lifelong commitments: filmmaker, father, husband, friend. To us, it all starts with mentoring.

Mentoring Matters. Here's How It Works.

Step 1

Apply To Be A Mentor

Step 2

Go Through Approval And Training Process

Step 3

Make An Impact

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