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About Valor Mentoring

Mission Statement

Mentoring men to lead Christ-centered lives so that families, women, and children thrive.

How Valor Got Started

Three men who had been meeting weekly for years felt a profound call to scale their mentorship for more people. They felt they had a responsibility to help other men invest their wisdom and time into mentoring other men to help families and communities thrive. This idea grew from a nonprofit with just those three men to what is now a thriving nonprofit with hundreds of volunteers and 25+ employees that serves the community year round and is changing lives that change lives.

What Valor Does

We are an organization striving to contest the effects of fatherlessness. We provide mentorship to those in need through both group and one-on-one relationships; utilizing music, media & arts; and community service projects. Finally, our facilities: The REC (our community center and bowling alley on River Road) and soon also: The REC on Chemawa (a youth-oriented facility for food and community). It is our belief that through mentoring, people in our community will be better equipped to make healthy life choices.

Meet the Valor Mentoring Board

Tim Davis

Co-Founder & CEO

Sven Anderson

Co-Founder & Secretary

Raul Valdivia


Buddy Puckett


Tom Greenwood

Board Member

Matt Roy

Board Member

Jack McLennan

Board Member

Kevin Dial

Board Member

Jeremy Schwab

Board Member

Gabe Johansen

Board Member

Advisory Board

Andrew Copeland

Armando Hernandez

Ashley Torrez

Chase Flores

Colleen Busch

Corey Brown

Jim Howell

John Teague

Leslie Reiswick

Meredith Mooney

Michelle Mhoon

Paco Rosas

Sarah Ashland

Mentoring Matters. Here's How It Works.

Step 1

Apply To Be A Mentor

Step 2

Go Through Approval And Training Process

Step 3

Make An Impact

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