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Brothers of Valor took a look at Salem-Keizer and found some people and organizations that could use a helping hand.  We believe the city could use men strong enough to cultivate great things. Great things in the family, great things in the workplace, and great things in our community. Those of us with experience in various fields, are called to pass that knowledge down to men, a step or two behind us.

Community outreach is another piece of that vision. Jesus gave us all a mission to show love, and we want to express that love to our city through small but meaningful community outreach projects. These projects are brought to us through our relationships in the community, are then prayed and discussed over, and after a decision is made we gather a team to fulfill the need within that organization.

We plan on building the connections we have already made, and branch out in a wider variety of ways to serve in the near future. If you are interested in stepping out in faith and walking beside us at Brothers of Valor, click on the “Become a Volunteer” button.